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Whoa, listening to  +44 - Lillian, first time in a looong time, and it feels like heaven. like really, such a beautiful song. and Marky’s voice is killing me.

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Please Take Me Home // Blink-182my edit, not my photo.
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My Blink 182 TOYPAJ Collection
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"A star shining brightly, a diamond a ruby A treasure to find, brings a smile to my face Shake off all your troubles, they roll right off your back Just like an old stray dog when he’s caught in the rain
Even when you are lost deep in the storm I will search, I will find where you are ‘Cause I know the love we share like a light in the dark Shines so bright, like a jewel within our hearts”   [x]
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i’m made of sarcasm and sexual frustration

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…She Said.
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